A N D  P R O J E C T
C A S E  H I S T O R I E S

Energetic, Informative
Inspiring Content
For All Industries
And Social Initiatives

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Tech Lighting Cover

Tech Lightning

Modern design lighting
brochure with
several new features

Frank Lloyd Wright Cover

Frank Lloyd Wright

A tourism campaign for several
architecturally historical homes
in Oak Park, IL

For The Love Of Us Cover

American Red Cross

An initiative to encourage
blood donations among
African Americans

Chicago Field Museum Cover

Chicago Field Museum

A general museum brochure displaying
its major exhibitions

Argonne Laboratory Cover

Argonne Laboratory

An annual brochure to promote
youth competition of energy-efficient cars

It’ll All Come Back To Me Cover

Tim Eckerman

lllustrative design products
packaging for a pop singer,
Tim Eckerman

Kids Plus Magazine Cover

Kids Plus Magazine

Education, stories and game content
for kids to share with parents

Pullman Community Cover

Historic Pullman Community

Developed for its famous sleeper cars
train manufacturer

Institute of Real Estate Management Cover

Institute of Real EState Management

A collection of the most
sought-after real estate literature
for purchase

Democratic Party Cover

Democratic Party

A promotional big event invite
of Blues entertainment

Vincennes Veterans Cover

Vincennes Veterans Village

An initiative to house,
up-lift and educate Veterans

Mailbox Monsters Cover

Chicago Post Office

A game competition for
streamlining the handling
of badly addressed mail

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