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By choosing the right style and approach, your illustrations will effectively communicate your message and enhance your brand’s visual identity. Stock illustrations are plentiful, but achieving specific objectives and delivering precise messages often requires a more tailored approach. Unique and original visuals can better serve your needs. A custom illustration with a strong brand concept, theme, style, and tone creates a more impactful and targeted statement.

I typically start with at least five conceptual draft drawings and propose the most relevant style. This process ensures that the final illustration perfectly aligns with your advertising, publications, design projects, or print needs.

Here are more categories and styles to consider:

  • Infographics – to simplify complex information
  • Editorial illustrations – to accompany articles and enhance storytelling
  • Scientific and medical illustrations – for detailed visual representation
  • Fantasy and sci-fi art – to bring imaginative concepts to life
  • Fashion illustrations – to showcase clothing and accessories with elegance
  • Cartoons – capturing theme and personality
  •  Concept art – for games, movies, and creative projects
  • Children’s illustrations – vibrant and engaging visuals for young readers

Additionally, I may recommend styles rendered by other artists to better align with your branding or to match a specific concept or theme.

Illustration categories and styles I offer include:

  • Architectural – digital or hand-drawn
  • Portraits – realistic and stylized
  • Character development
  • Cartoons and caricatures
  • Digital airbrush effects
  • Mechanical illustrations
  • Photo collages
  • Conceptual rough renders for internal review
  • Illustration for animation
  • Stylized illustration to mimic art by others

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