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“Welcome! I am
Pat Mills-Sullivan,
an art director, illustrator
graphic and UX/UI designer.”

I enjoy working with start-ups and small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. You can check out my client’s history on this site as well as all my service categories.

• I will provide big ideas, themes, and branding concepts for advertising.

• I extract updated, with existing, customer/user insights to support your audiences’ objective.

• I can provide you with every type of print graphic collateral and publication design (with the exclusion of packaging to date).

• I provide illustration in a variety of styles, from conceptual presentation to published, plus storyboarding for TV and film.

• I provide user experience research and interactive prototype apps design.

There is a variety of ways that I render services. I either team with my clients to facilitate work or collaborate within a gathering of associate creative professionals, with possibly less client staff team involvement.

I, (or we) are flexible for your convenience and work structure.


The following
expands info
on my services
for clients.

• Campaigns or individual projects, starting with big ideas, themes, and concepts
• Corporate or product/service branding
• Web advertising
• Print and digital art direction for ads, tv commercial concepts, and film storyboards
• Art Direction for film pre-production and photography
• Focus group presentations for new business or rebranding

• Campaigns and individual projects, starting with big ideas, themes, and concepts
• Corporate Logo Identity Design
• Corporate Print Collateral Design, Brochures 
• Promotional Merchandising
• Outdoor Advertising
• In-store Graphics
• Annual reports
• Book, magazine, blogs, product brochures
• e-newsletter designs

• Of many styles and media platforms
• For advertising, newsletters, and magazines, etc.
• Hand-illustrated TV commercial and film storyboards

• From insights to user research/testing, and design
• Interactive media interface design for web, devices
• User Research/observation and testing
• Prototype development
• Collaboration with a web developer

• Customer/User research/observation
• Interactive media design for web, mobiles
• User interface design for web and mobiles

System Thinking Process
       A process for helping to view client issues and problems from a broad perspective that includes seeing overall structures, patterns, and cycles in clients’ work culture and/or marketing history, rather than seeing only isolated factors.

Goal-Directed Design Method
       A user-centered methodology phase prior to the final design (developed by Alan Cooper). GDD includes situations where different customers/users of a proposed product or service express the desire for satisfaction for different user scenarios and goals. The process is segmented, completely thorough, and wholistic for ultimate results.

Ethnographic Research
The study of the culture and social organization of a particular group or community to provide user satisfaction for digital and web interactive media and devices

       A history of client work from which I draw expertise to serve your objectives includes:

• Sports and Entertainment

• Travel, Dining, and Hospitality

• Medical Institutions and Science

• Education, Personal Development

• Technology, Engineering, and Industrial

• Health, and Human Development

• Fashion, and Personal products

• Law, Political Campaigns, Social Initiatives

• Automotive, Automotive After-market

• Construction and Building Energy

• Alternative Energy, Green/Sustainability

• Magazine and Publication Creative

• TV Commercial Concepts

• Film Storyboarding

• Market Research/Focus Group Firms

• Children and Teens Directed Projects

C  R  E  A  T  I  V  E
P  R  E  S  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N  S

Pat Mills-Sullivan
Art Director, Illustrator,
Graphic and UXUI Designer 

If you’d like to know more about
my professional background,
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BIO), please click here!

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Workin’ It Your Way!

I serve the majority of my clients directly, teaming with marketing staff, copywriters, etc.,
who are sometimes on my client’s inhouse staff.

I have indirectly served past clients through ad agencies, marketing of PR firms.

Bottom line: I’m flexible.

Client Testimonials

“Pat has been a great resource for conceptual and visual creativity.”

Roger Halligan – owner of Halligan & Associates

“Pat Mills has developed many successful creative projects for our gym locations”
Al Phillips – owner, World Gym Chicago

“The Chicago Post Office won a marketing award for its Mailbox Monster Campaign!”
Shirley Conley – Marketing, Chicago Post Office

“Pat has been a talented asset for theme development, design and illustration.”
Riley Davis – Marketing Director, Illinois Lottery

“Pat’s creative energy is very apparent!”
Jimmy Dunn – Creative Supervisor, Campbell-Ewald Advertising, Chevrolet Car and Truck 

“Many outstanding projects and campaigns have been very nicely executed by Pat Mills”
Michelle Flowers – President, Flower Communications

“Two remarkable logos, storyboards and movie art direction”
Dennis Alan – President, Posey Media and Posey Pictures

“Great work on our campaign identity!”
Toru Komiyama – Political Candidate, Japanese election

“A true friend and outstanding visual and digital artist for marketing”
Byron Johns – Marketing Director, Deeply Rooted

Several projects, successfully executed with strong style and purpose!”
Yoko Uozomi – Marketing, Axis Records

“We love your work and its effectiveness.”
Steve Nagle – Marketing, Bensonville Park District

Print. Web. Film/TV.
UX/UI Design.

Let’s talk over coffee about providing your company or your clients,
with effective and progressive creative! 

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