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Welcome to Millsart Design!

I’m Pat Mills-Sullivan, an art director, designer, illustrator, and owner.

I approach your business or organization with audience insights or Goal-Directed Design* process. 

I focus thoroughly on your target audience’s needs and goals for a solid knowledge of various factors, issues, qualitative and quantitative information.  I offer these creative disciplines:

•  branding and corporate identity
•  big ideas, themes, and concepts
•  creative advertising
•  print collateral and web design
•  corporate identity
•  traditional and digital illustration styles
•  TV commercial storyboards
•  UX/UI Goal-Directed Design* process and
  interactive media design
•  publication design
•  focus group presentations

*  An accumulation of research and observation phases to gather critical information about how people actually use products, especially products with complex behaviors.  Discovery and research outcomes benefit the design for greater usability, thus more user goals and needs are met.


C  R  E  A  T  I  V  E
P  R  E  S  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N  S

Workin' It Your Way!

I serve the majority of my clients directly, teaming with marketing staff, copywriters, etc.,
who are sometimes on my client’s inhouse staff.

I have indirectly served past clients through ad agencies, marketing of PR firms.

Bottom line: I’m flexible.

Client Testimonials

"Pat has been a great resource for conceptual and visual creativity."

Roger Halligan - owner of Halligan & Associates

"Pat Mills has developed many successful creative projects for our gym locations"
Al Phillips - owner, World Gym Chicago

"The Chicago Post Office won a marketing award for its Mailbox Monster Campaign!"
Shirley Conley - Marketing, Chicago Post Office

"Pat has been a talented asset for theme development, design and illustration."
Riley Davis - Marketing Director, Illinois Lottery

"Pat's creative energy is very apparent!"
Jimmy Dunn - Creative Supervisor, Campbell-Ewald Advertising, Chevrolet Car and Truck 

"Many outstanding projects and campaigns have been very nicely executed by Pat Mills"
Michelle Flowers - President, Flower Communications

"Two remarkable logos, storyboards and movie art direction"
Dennis Alan - President, Posey Media and Posey Pictures

"Great work on our campaign identity!"
Toru Komiyama - Political Candidate, Japanese election

"A true friend and outstanding visual and digital artist for marketing"
Byron Johns - Marketing Director, Deeply Rooted

Several projects, successfully executed with strong style and purpose!"
Yoko Uozomi - Marketing, Axis Records

"We love your work and its effectiveness."
Steve Nagle - Marketing, Bensonville Park District

Print. Web. Film/TV.
UX/UI Design.

Let’s talk over coffee about providing your company or your clients,
with effective and progressive creative! 

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