From Fun-Laboring
Concepts, Rigorous
Methodical User Testing,
Design To
Prototype Creation!

SPACED App Cover


An app prototype for
space travel to four planets

Social Justice App Cover


An app prototype to
alert users of proximity to
feverish individuals within 10 feet

The Gold-Directed
Design Process

The Gold-Directed Design process is thorough and addresses every crucial aspect of digital product development.
Here’s how it ensure clarity and comprehensive coverage:

    • User-Centric Research: User demographics, behaviors, preferences, and domain-specific insights inform our design strategy.
    • User Modeling and Contextual Analysis:  Detailed personas and scenarios create a better understanding of user interactions across various contexts.
    • Requirements Definition: Pat clearly defines user, business, and technical requirements to guide the entire product development process.
    • Design Framework Establishment: We establish a robust structure and flow for the design, ensuring usability and coherence throughout.
    • Behavior, Form, and Content Refinement: Through continuous iteration, we refine user interactions, visual design elements, and content to optimize the user experience.
    • Development Support: Pat provides ongoing support to developers, ensuring alignment between design and functionality to achieve project goals.

    To ensure a holistic approach, we incorporate research and testing as integral components throughout the entire process. This emphasizes the importance of gathering user feedback, validating design decisions, and iteratively refining the product to meet user needs effectively.

    Partner with us to create digital products that are not only visually appealing but is also highly functional and user-centered.

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