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User Inspired App Designs

Four prototypes are currently
in production and will be available
with client presentations,
early July 2019.

The year is 2040.  Exploration by adventure travelers into outer space has become increasingly popular.  SPACED, Inc. offers 4 day exploration to either the Moon, Mars, Europa and Earth’s orbit,

This app was developed utilizing the rigors of Goal Directed Design Method, developed by Alan Cooper*.

Travel subject matter experts replaced stakeholders in this project, since, again, the year is 2040. Research was gathered from actual exploration travel experts, for amenities and other aspects concerning exploration.  User research and observation was gathered in between the methodical stages of contextual content planning, navigation and user interface design.

A client presentation and a user interface presentation accompanies this interactive SPACED prototype.

* Gold Directed Design method gathers significant qualitative, observed, and researched information and research to reveal how and what user personas need and want to be satisfied with the usage of a proposed product or interactive app.