F O R   B R A N D I N G   A N D
C O R P O R A T E   I D E N T I T Y

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As with the majority of my creative assignments, I start with an addressing client and project items:

•  schedule approval
•  process concept presentations
•  regular updates
•  outside, budgeted services
•  client changes or redirection
•  deadlines for deliverables
•  customer insights, pains, needs & goals
•  relevant issues & factors

Testing is highly recommended, even if conducted informally with your likely target audience(s), for a new logo that intelligently reflects your company!

A well-thought-out concept and flawless rendering of graphic logos represent a company or initiative that is energetic, enthusiastic, creative, and progressive?

“I love creating logos!  I work through a creative framework that resonates with your target audience(s), your product/service type, and your goals and objectives.  Initially, in the creative process, I submit a range of five to twelve conceptual design ideas that later evolve into your final logo. Here again, I suggest testing, which I can facilitate on an informal level for audience feedback.”

Pat Mills Sullivan, Logo Designer

Brand messages and solutions for print, web, film/TV, and UX/UI Design.

Let’s talk over coffee about providing your company, or your clients, with effective and progressive creativity! 


Pat Mills-Sullivan, Owner
Marietta Georgia, USA