Project Description

Slam Dunk Lottery Game
This Lottery again teamed in with The Chicago Bulls. Well hey, they won six championships in a row. Lottery player or not, anything that says “Bulls” was a winning ticket.

Illinois Lottery Scholarship Logo
The Illinois Lottery not only contribute millions to education, it also sponsored competitive initiatives that awarded scholarships to youths from different communities throughout Illinois.

Bulls Game Time Lottery
This lottery playing card promotion was tied in with lottery ball drawings that were shown on the Chicago Bulls scoreboard.

Chicago Bulls Poster
Many Illinois Lottery promotions are teamed with Chicago Sports teams. This one features the Bulls and as expected got a lot of attention and lottery ticket sales.

Illinois Lottery Conceptual Graphics
Routinely, many conceptual graphics were created for creative marketing themes, to help promote Illinois Lottery ticket sales.

Creative Services:
Art Direction, Concept, Graphic Design, Illustration