Step 2:
Determine Your Website Redesign Goals

Written by Rebecca Churt at
Visuals by patmillssullivan
June 9, 2020

When considering a redesign, there should always be a good reason behind it. We speak with a lot of marketers at HubSpot, and we often hear flimsy reasoning like “it’s been a while since we’ve done one,” or “my competitor just did a redesign.” These reasons just aren’t good enough. Remember: It’s not just about how your site looks, but rather how it works. Be really clear about why you’re doing the redesign in the first place, and tie those goals to measureable results. Then communicate your goals with your team, designer, or agency. Consider the following data-driven objectives for your own website:

  • Increasing number of visits/visitors
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Increasing time on site
  • Improving domain authority
  • Increasing number of new leads/form submissions
  • Increasing total amount of sales generated
  • Enhancing current SEO rankings for important keywords

Many of these metrics-driving goals are dependent on one other. For example, in order to generate more conversions, you may also need to increase traffic while decreasing your site’s bounce rate.