Creative Strategy Advertising Terms


It is the intellectual conclusions that we pursue from company data, customer research and observation, target market research, the brand’s history, and competitive standing and situation. What’s most important is “what does the customer need to be the most content and satisfied or what are the customer goals.

Uncovering customer insights may reveal contradictions of our initial assumptions as creatives and clients.

Insights are the practiced domain of writers, designers, art directors creative directors and creative strategists and, possibly others.


Here is an example. If a consumer perceives a group of different manufacturers dishwashers to be the same, that consumer is likely to purchase one based on the lowest price. However, a strong brand approach regarding loyal generations of consumers, or its innovative built-in technology, its sustainable construction, or the wide range of panel controls ease of use successfully differentiates. This is not rocket science, but sometimes advertising simply entertains or dazzle to drive recall, instead of giving compelling reasons to choose a product. Millsart Design can execute both fun and reasoning effectively.


What’s in it for the consumer? They are the tangible product merits for the consumer. A widely effective concept is to illustrate a consumer scenario of need, but not having them.


What is this? And what is its importance? It is based on curiosity and human development psychology. The graphic below illustrates the physiological needs that we all have.

The Maslow Hierarchy tells us that there may be, a not so apparent, deeper wants and needs in the minds of customers. And reaching further into that level creates a more authentic connection in advertising and social media.

Our next definition is SEGMENTATION.  It is categorizing various target groups for the same product or service, rather, than saying, for example, this product is geared for young college-educated individuals.

A forthcoming blog post will describe Applied Ethnography. In my opinion, it is segmentation on steroids because it requires a greater time commitment to research regarding customs, ethnic and other cultural factors. 


This tool can be used to determine what will be factored into creative work, i.e.:

• tangible benefits
• written offers, or
• calls to action