Where concepts, themes and ideas for print advertising, web/graphic design, publication
and illustration are strengthened by opinions and feedback from individuals in your target audience(s). 

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This Powerhouse Gym assignment was designed to create a distinct visual – away from images of hard work out bodies. Secondly, how do we best inspire trips to go to a gym, where staff is consistently approachable, supportive and sometimes remembers your name?

Here are 3 conceptual mockups of how I approached this advertising project.

Mockup One:  The first is an ad that says we are everywhere, open long hours with gym staff that is actively supportive. Here is the Big Idea… entire ad is visually tilted, which promotes energy and movement, while the heart of the advertisement is to illustrate the supportive staff that waits to serve you at any level you may be at.

The gym staff was incentivize to be engaged with this branding idea!  Employee raises, staff promotions and vacation trips made useful incentives.

Mockup Two:  This ad concept teases us about how we sometimes sit for endless hours watching tv, when we could spend more time at a gym. There’s got to be a hundred humorous and memorable ways to visually convey this message.

Mockup Three:  The third conceptual ad is from a scene taken from a vintage Charlie Chaplain movie, where he finds himself in a dangerous predicament, holding on for dear life from a massive clock very high above ground. A fit body with strong arms is what you’d want right now! It would certainly have its benefits.


Pat’s proven framework keeps your project on track.  She does this by responding to your  businesses’ analytics and best practices to create award winning campaigns.

Creative advertising services include…

  • Print and web campaign development
  • TV commercial/video concepts and storyboards
  • Sales catalogs and mailers
  • Email advertising
  • E-commerce websites
  • Promotional flyers
  • Display and outdoor advertising

Pat is a graphic designer with an ad agency/art director’s background in consumer products and business to business marketing. I think this prepares me for analyzing consumer behavior as habits, attitudes and barriers.  I believe that making it “pretty” is not enough. That, designing with creative differentiation, facts and content relevance, encourages purchase or engagement.





Pat has created illustrations for . . .

  • The Chicago Teachers Union
  • Illinois Lottery
  • American Bar Association
  • Argonne Laboratories
  • World Gym
  • Institute of Real Estate Management
  • and many others

Pat has illustrated . . .

  • CEO’s portraits
  • mechanical drawings
  • architectural illustrations
  • TV and Film Storyboards
  • cartoons
  • Marker comps for client presentation
  • watercolor
  • mixed-media and digital illustration  (Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate for Tablets)

Pat Mills Sullivan creates ideas, concepts and themes, then prepare marker comp illustrations for…

  • print advertising
  • TV commercial and film storyboards
  • Focus group sessions




See illustrations, including conceptuals, storyboards, traditional and digital styles! 

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Architectural Renderings
Cartoons and Caricatures
Stylized Renderings
Book Covers
Editorial Illustration
TV/Video Storyboards

Visuals and graphics for focus group sessions
in several levels of render and complexity

Where concepts, themes and ideas for new print advertising, webprint design, publication
and illustration are strengthened by opinions and feedback from individuals in your target audience(s). 

It’s Routine!   It’s Powerful!   It’s Free!