Creative Advertising Strategy 2020

Too little information or too much irrelevant information bogs the entire creative strategy plan down. So, routinely I begin the groundwork for product or service creative advertising (Kick off) meeting with this flexible outline:

• Target audience(s) Scenarios of product use or intended experience
• Your Brand, product or service facts
• Your Competition, if applicable
• Your compelling product message or objective

So Much Is Constantly Changing!

To begin this post on creative strategy, I’d like to talk about the importance of embracing a creative strategy plan in the beginning and most importantly allowing the time to do so.  Creative strategy framework should be at a minimum, an updated and probing inquiry, thanks to these newer and rapidly changing factors, coupled with the familiar:

• the world’s Covid 19 Pandemic
• U.S. and world economies
• major changes in store buying
• the disappearance of competitive brands and even store chains
• emerging new products, services from every industry
• the heightened use of e-commerce,
• the internet in general,
• lost U.S. momentum concerning  green initiatives and alternative energy,
• how we care for each other:  the elderly, our children, our marriages, our faith, on and on…
• cultural trends and ethnography
• political thought

Trends play a huge role, while the way we communicate plays a huge and evolving role. And as the list above certainly affects our economy, industries, buying trends, and attitudes, we will try to stay on top of it. Let’s do the groundwork!

This blog summarizes the conversation about creative strategy and beyond. It reminds us much of everything we know about marketing, but may not fully be put into practice. Studies have shown, and we all have seen, the march to create an advertising campaign, or smaller marketing media projects without sufficient preliminary discussions and inquiry concerning the consumer and where his or her head is really at. One example is meeting a crucial project completion deadline as the primary business goal, and just going with a variety of product or service assumptions.

To begin, I will also include some terms in the next Pat’s Blog, that do in fact vary somewhat from one industry culture to another. For that reason, it’s a great idea for me to ask for clarification, when in doubt.