Goal Directed Design

Goal Directed Design (GDD) Process for Digital Products is made up of two major parts: user experience and observation    •    prototype design and testing Goal-Directed Design Research What is the main objective of this post? Goal-Directed Design (GDD) is a comprehensive, One on one interview, user research and observation process used to create a solid foundation for the best possible customer/user experience for digital products. Many of these products are the business tools that you use now. Of course, other digital products are interactive devices, apps, software, kiosks, etc. Both types of digital products benefit from a foundation of research like Goal-Directed Design, for user observation, prototype development, then more research and observation, before the major monetary investment of new design.  Digital transformation is a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with trial and error. (Credit: The Enterprise Project). Here is are examples: internet radio • internet television • streaming media; fonts, logos, photos and graphics •  digital subscriptions • online ads (as purchased by the advertiser) • internet coupons • electronic tickets • electronically traded financial instruments • downloadable software (digital distribution) and [...]

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Creative Advertising Strategy Terms

Creative Strategy Advertising Terms INSIGHTS It is the intellectual conclusions that we pursue from company data, customer research and observation, target market research, the brand’s history, and competitive standing and situation. What’s most important is “what does the customer need to be the most content and satisfied or what are the customer goals. Uncovering customer insights may reveal contradictions of our initial assumptions as creatives and clients. Insights are the practiced domain of writers, designers, art directors creative directors and creative strategists and, possibly others. DIFFERENTIATION Here is an example. If a consumer perceives a group of different manufacturers dishwashers to be the same, that consumer is likely to purchase one based on the lowest price. However, a strong brand approach regarding loyal generations of consumers, or its innovative built-in technology, its sustainable construction, or the wide range of panel controls ease of use successfully differentiates. This is not rocket science, but sometimes advertising simply entertains or dazzle to drive recall, instead of giving compelling reasons to choose a product. Millsart Design can execute both fun and reasoning effectively. FEATURES AND BENEFITS What’s in it for the consumer? They are the tangible product merits for the consumer. A widely [...]

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Creative Advertising Strategy 2020

Creative Advertising Strategy 2020 Too little information or too much irrelevant information bogs the entire creative strategy plan down. So, routinely I begin the groundwork for product or service creative advertising (Kick off) meeting with this flexible outline: • Target audience(s) Scenarios of product use or intended experience • Your Brand, product or service facts • Your Competition, if applicable • Your compelling product message or objective So Much Is Constantly Changing! To begin this post on creative strategy, I’d like to talk about the importance of embracing a creative strategy plan in the beginning and most importantly allowing the time to do so.  Creative strategy framework should be at a minimum, an updated and probing inquiry, thanks to these newer and rapidly changing factors, coupled with the familiar: • the world’s Covid 19 Pandemic • U.S. and world economies • major changes in store buying • the disappearance of competitive brands and even store chains • emerging new products, services from every industry • the heightened use of e-commerce, • the internet in general, • lost U.S. momentum concerning  green initiatives and alternative energy, • how we care for each other:  the elderly, our children, our marriages, our [...]

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