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Websites With Wit

Millsart Design

•  web project structuring and addressing goals
•  assigning copywriter and web developer
•  setting the budget
•  orientation
•   industry research
•  content based on audience insights

•  developing navigational structure
•  provide design, visuals and graphics
For complex sites:
•  audience observation of web navigation
•  applying Goal Direct Design Process
principles for usability


• gathering information
• understanding your audience(s)
• analyzing your industry
• gathering competitive insights

• drafts submissions to final copywriting

• editing and proofreading

Web Developer:

• to build web pages,
• builds and verifies functionality
• verifies responsiveness for devices
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Google Search
• provides testing for interactivity
devices, browsers, PC and Apple

Client Websites

Print. Web. Film/TV Visuals.
Let’s talk over coffee about your company objectives from creative marketing content and media,
growing your customer base with increased brand awareness and
working together on particular project(s) or campaign(s).