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Looks Good… Works Hard

I am also a graphic designer, with very useful and broad
ad agency disciplines that I lend to design assignments.

As for my advertising work, I kickoff with an addressing
client and project items 

•  schedule approval
•  process
concept presentations
•  regular updates
•  outside, budgeted services
•  client changes or redirection
•  deadlines for deliverables
•  customer insights, pains, needs and goals
•  relevant issues and factors

I, with my writer, present several problem-solving scenarios as
creative concepts with
relevant content that provides your
audience a solution for needs, objectives or simply, information.

Testing is highly recommended, even if conducted informally
with your likely target audience(s), for graphic design that stands
on solid ground!


Graphic Design Services Include:

•  corporate identity/logo design
•  annual reports
•  posters and flyers

•  magazine and book design
•  display and outdoor signage

•  in-store graphics
•  product catalogs
•  annual reports
•  website design

•  UX/UI Goal-Directed Process and
•  interactive media design 

Graphic Design Portfolio Samples
with Case Histories

More Graphic Design Portfolio Samples 

Print. Web. Film/TV Visuals. UX/UI Design.

Let’s talk over coffee about providing your company or your clients,
with effective and progressive creative!
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