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1 Illustration… 1,000 Words!

And yes, there are many to be found as stock illustrations.
But, consider a specific objective that would be best served
by a more relevant visual, …unique and original.

A well-executed illustration created with a strong brand concept,
theme, style, tone, evoke a finely-tuned, and more effective,
on-target statement.

Typically, a minimum of five conceptual draft drawings, with
proposed style evolve into your final visual(s).

I also art direct the creation of illustrations by others, none of
which are displayed on this web page.

Please take a look at the illustration styles.  For a broader
presentation of illustration styles, especially for presentation
purposes, visit

Illustrations Styles and Usages Include:

•  architectural
•  portraits – realistic and stylized styles
•  cartoons and caricatures

•  stylized objects, scenery
•  mechanical illustration
•  photo collages
•  multi-medium collages
•  photo-realism
•  black/white and/or color markers for agency presentations
•  focus group research concept illustrations
•  character development for print and animation
•  environment development for print and animation

•  digital style from Photoshop, Procreate and Illustrator
Sketch, Sketch Up and Storyboard Pro

•   color pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, acrylics or mixed media
and digital tools and applications
•  TV and film storyboard styles of optional render levels,

Note:  Illustrating may be created with traditional tools, IPAD
and/or drawing tablets. 

Illustration Styles

Print… Web… Film/TV Visuals
Let’s talk over coffee about your
company objectives from creative marketing
content and media, growing your
customer base with increased
brand awareness and
working together on particular
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