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Ready… Set… Grow!

I kickoff with an advertising creative plan that addresses the following:

•  schedule approval
•  process
concept presentations
•  regular updates
•  outside, budgeted services
•  client changes or redirection
•  deadlines for deliverables
•  customer insights, pains, needs and goals
•  relevant issues and factors

Based on the nature and scope of most creative assignments, I present several problem-solving scenarios as creative concepts. Testing is highly recommended, even if conducted informally with your likely target audience(s).

During the creative process, I often work with my clients’ marketing and copywriter staff or with any of my associate specialists, such as web developers and social media specialists.

Creative business to business and
consumer advertising services include…

• big ideas, themes and concepts
•  print and web campaign development
•  sales catalogs and mailers
•  email advertising
•  focus group presentations

•  print and web ads or campaigns
•  UX/UI Goal-Directed Process and
•  customer/user testing and observation
•  promotional print collateral
•  product brochures
•  instore displays and outdoor advertising

•  TV commercial concepts with storyboards

A D V E R T I S I N G   C A S E   H I S T O R I E S

M O R E   A D V E R T I S I N G   C A M P A I G N S   &   P R O J E C T S

Print. Web. Film/TV Visuals.
UX/UI Design.

Let’s talk over coffee about providing your company or your clients,
with effective and progressive creative!
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