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Ready… Set… Grow!

Your projects begin with Millsart researching your pre-existing, and my
newly gathered (product or services) information.  I acknowledge your audience
insights, needs and 
objectives. Your business goals and your audiences’ needs are
discussed along with all relevant product or service issues and factors. 
Typically, several problem-solving solutions or scenarios are submitted to you.
Based on the nature and scope of most creative assignments, I present several
concepts or themes (“Big Ideas “) verbally and visually.  They are frequently
tested for critique by individuals from your targeted audience(s).

I often work with my clients’ marketing and copywriter staff or with any of my
associate specialists, such as web developers and social media specialist

I am happy to dig into the details with you and move forward on your creative
projects or campaigns!

Creative business to business and
consumer advertising services include…

•  print and web campaign development
•  sales catalogs and mailers
•  email advertising
•  focus group presentations

•  web advertising campaigns
•  UX/UI Goal-Directed Process and
interactive media design (summer 2019)

•  promotional flyers
•  instore displays and outdoor advertising

•  video collaborative with art direction

Advertising Case Histories

More Advertising Campaigns and Projects

Print. Web. Film/TV Visuals.
Let’s talk over coffee about your company objectives from creative marketing content and media,
growing your customer base with increased brand awareness and
working together on particular project(s) or campaign(s).