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Welcome to the Millsart Blog. First, I, Pat Mills-Sullivan have relaunched Millsart Design in Greater Atlanta. I am a thawed snowbird from Chicago, and I am extremely happy with the Move!

Briefly, Millsart Design develops marketing: advertising, graphic, print, web, and user experience/user interface design (UX/UI), and lastly-illustrations. I have worked for a variety of industries for small to large client corporations. I also provide creative services for marketing, PR and research firms.

Progressive Methods for Customer Insights and Observations

As I work on broadly promoting Millsart Design, I’d like to share several concepts, methods, and disciplines that I include for nearly all client projects and campaigns. They are developed by well-known thought pioneers, who also learned from pioneers before them. The common thread is that they have been perfected over time and utilized in strenuous customer/consumer research methods at its foundation.

Whether the task at hand is corporate identity and branding, brochures, print or web-based advertising, exhibition literature conceptual illustration for publications, or a new smart-phone prototype app, at least one strategic method will be used by myself and my teams and clients. 

As a customer/user myself I hope one day to finally learn how to use my three TV remote controls without aggravation. In the future, I hope to buy a single, more user-friendly TV control device. User research, observation and design thinking methods will be the invaluable tools in the design, prot-typing and testing of that better TV control device. Simple.

Never to Make Assumptions About Our Changing Economy and Trends

As we are experiencing the most profound occurrences – the pandemic, political and social unrest, unemployment, and the possible threats of worst-case scenarios. We have bigger hurdles, needing eyes wide open! Nearly all companies, large and small have bigger challenges. Mine included. So, while we pick from hundreds or thousands of online business resource options and tools, let’s stay even more prepared to do our work, more creatively and wisely.

Upcoming Blog Topics

Here are upcoming bi-monthly topics that I will share in my Millsart blogs.

System and Design Thinking

What Business Should Know About Creative Strategy

Product Customer Research

New Product Customer Research


Goal-Directed Design Method

User Research and User Interface Design

Social Media Strategy Tips

I’ll share lots of related book resources and web links, related events and podcasts, etc. I will also discuss a few Millsart Design case studies that have been aided by these progressive methods of customer insight.

And please take a look at my work at You can reach me at

           – Pat Mills-Sullivan

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